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This is your safe space to find smarter strategies and drive higher performance. NAV+Counsel is the secret power tool for successful fundraising and non-profit leaders.

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NAV+Counsel provides non-profit expertise and counsel virtually, confidentially. Our Advisors have broad and deep experience in all aspects of non-profit management. With a long task list, get advice, coaching and a problem-solving partner to get more from your efforts. Your regular sessions will help you plan and organize smartly, execute efficiently, and achieve key goals. Check out the practical ways our Advisors help non-profits.


Raise more funds.
Activate your Board.
Diversify your donor base.


Lead smarter.
Side-step common HR pitfalls.
Build diversity & inclusion.


Solve common questions.
Develop your best-fit model.
Find benefits & savings.

Expert Counsel to Navigate your success.

Options that Meet Your Needs

Whether you have a project, meeting or event coming up, or you want access to on-going advice, there is a NAV+Counsel subscription for you.

Expertise without the Expense

Top non-profits always benefit from outside counsel. You can access the right expertise and guidance, gain insights fast, and do more with your time investment – all within your budget.

Advisor Profiles

NAV+Counsel is the advantage of choice for non-profit leaders who get more done every day. Our Advisors have at least 10 years of experience in the nonprofit and private sectors and proven results with non-profit and small businesses. From start-ups to some of the country’s most elite institutions, covering arts, education, social services, and community development, talk to an Advisor and develop your custom blue print for success.

Fundraising Whiz

• Build fundraising programs for results
• Figure out where best to spend your time
• Find new ideas that work today

Board Whisperer

• Develop a true fundraising Board
• Grow your Board engagement
• Finesse working with diverse executives

Management Maven

• Get your ideas “Board-ready”
• Talk through solutions without risk
• Brainstorm unique solutions safely

Arts Guru

• Implement arts-specific funding strategies
• Figure out your Board strategy
• Claim your space in the arts scene

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$185 / month

Call at your convenience.
• 1 hr. with an Advisor
• Immediate problem-solving
• No Subscription Needed

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$300 / month

For the Planner.
• 2 hrs. with an Advisor
• Power strategies & tactics
• Min. 6-month Subscription

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$575 / month

Give the Team access.
• 4 hrs. with Advisors
• Up to 3 Team members
• Min. 3-month Subscription

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$825 / month

Leaders & Team align.
• 6 hrs. with Advisors
• Team discussions
• Min. 3-month Subscription

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What They’re Saying

 “The idea you had with the teams…worked out great. We had a lot more staff involvement. One staff [got] a $1,000 donation.”


Director, Health and Human Services organization, Indiana

“Attendees had a great time. The event thankfully exceeded its fundraising goal.”


Legal Aid organization, Chicago

“I’ve got 3 people interested in becoming board members – Could set up a standing weekly call to help guide the process of bringing new people on. Thank you for helping us get this far!”


Founder, Teaching Arts organization, Dallas